name kayla
age 19 (10.27.02)
gender cis
sexuality lesbian
pronouns she/her
pfp by? moonview


as stated in the landing, this is a kinda thought dump site for me! i'll be posting as much as i can in my e-shrines or my genshin diary. sometimes i forget personal projects exist so this site may go through bouts of inactivity, so sorry!

i'm not too good at introductions, but i'm a neurodivergent gamer, artist, writer (sometimes), and clown in theory.

i have a lot of special interests. a good chunk of them will have dedicated e-shrines (eventually) but if you would like an extended list, look below :)


* jojo's bizarre adventure
* kemono friends
* urusei yatsura
* saiki kusuo no psi nan
* yo-kai watch
* gegege no kitaro
* bakugan
* panty and stocking


* my little pony
* mao mao:heroes of pure heart
* inside job
* wander over yonder
* kamen rider ex aid
* girl from nowhere
* the nightmare before christmas
* texas chainsaw massacre
* halloween
* scream
* black christmas (1974)
* little shop of horrors
* catghost
* daisy brown


* genshin impact
* portal
* yakuza
* team fortress 2
* the binding of isaac
* titanfall 2
* apex legends
* five nights at freddy's

multi/general media

* horror
* sanrio
* sam & max
* alan resnik's work
* j-horror
* will wood