yes yes i realize im a day late talking about the 3.0 livestream but i havent been feeling too motivated to update my site at all so *shrug*. anyways yeah im super excited for sumeru :) the areas look absolutely stunning and im so happy we're getting back to the main plot. from whats been shown, it seems the setup for the main conflict is similar to the rite of parting we do with zhongli in liyue's archon quest, but instead of celebrating (i know thats not the right word but whatever) a god's death, we're celebrating a god's birth. i just think thats neat :) AND speaking of mr zhongli himself, i spent the last 2 days farming the geo hypostatis and now have enough mats to get him to level 70 once i pull him. im also glad tighnari is getting added to the standard banner so i dont have to choose between pulling for him or zhongli.


not much interesting stuff to post about the past few days. although last night i did do the GAA co-op stuff with my friend noa! doing stuff like multiplayer in a voice call is so much more fun than with randos, and we lost our shit every time my heizou just deleted hillichurls in one fully charged burst. at this point hes doing more damage than xiao LMAO. in other news, i finally hit friendship lvl 10 with ayaka this morning! she's my 3rd character to hit the max friendship level, the first and second being fischl and xiao.


posting this at midnight. but i finally did it. i 100% the golden apple archipelago... mona's island and post quest domain had no right being that hard what the hell. oh well, at least its super pretty to look at :) i feel like sleeping for 100 years after all that pain and suffering. only other noteworthy thing that happend (technically yesterday? time is weird) is meeting a wild c6 bennett in co-op.


guess i should kick off this blog with an introduction, huh? let's start with some preamble

i started my genshin journey on april 22nd, 2022, after deciding to humor my friend with their pleas for me to come join them in the depths of hell. i will sadly admit that upon starting, i wasn't paying much attention to the story. (althought diluc and kaeya very much caught my eye.) however in terms of gameplay? my adhd autism brain had a deathgrip.

in my first week of playing i had already 100% the entirety of mondstadt, and thats when i realized i was too far gone to abandon this game. early game, i was a kaeya main, with my midgame main being ayaka, who graciously came home in just 20 pulls!

upon traveling to liyue, however, everything changed for me. i was suddenly getting very into the game's lore and story. and thats when i considered genshin my newest hyperfixation.

brainrot in real time

not much for me to document during my time in liyue, aside from going absolutely bananas over childe, xiao, and zhongli. at this point i was wildly invested in the plot and characters.

come inazuma, i had a main team of ayaka, fischl, xiangling, and kaeya. again, not much to talk about here, as i was mostly invested in the archon quest and was finally starting to get into the "meta" of the game. also during this time, the 2.7 chasm interlude dropped. i was absolutely whipped for both xiao and itto, so i was very excited. and yeah. i absolutely bawled my eyes out over the ending.

to wrap up my first post here, yeah genshin got me fucked up. i've lost count of the amount of times this game has made me cry. currently, i am saving my primos for the 3.0 update banner. as much as i want bennett, im not willing to risk my guaranteed event character pull on yoimiya (i lost the kazuha 50/50 to keqing and may have had my soul crushed in the process.)

thank you for reading! i hope to update at least once a week, so look forward to my next post :)

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