five nights at freddy's has been a pretty prominent special interest of mine since i discovered the 2nd game back when it first released! fnaf was my main introduction to horror related media that wasn't strictly for kids, and as such, was a pretty big player in sculpting my personality and likes in terms of horror and stuff. at some point before fnaf 4 released, i had left the fandom and mostly forgot about fnaf as a whole, until the security breach teasers started appearing on scottgames. during that point, my fnaf hyperfixation came back full force as i started replaying the games and looking through all the lore i missed out on. now in 2022, i am fully up to date on the games and their lore, along with the book trilogy. (and am actively working my way through the fazbear frights series) below, you'll find my thoughts on every main title entry.

this section is a WIP! thank you for your patience :)

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